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NECA Prometheus Series 2 Deacon Figure Review


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Name: Deacon
Release Date: 2013





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Posted February 25, 2013 by

It’s not everyday that you get to see an alien action figure, especially a slimy one, but with the latest release of NECA’s Prometheus Series 2 figures you can. The NECA Prometheus Series 2 Deacon Figure has been long-awaited by many fans of the movie, so let’s take a look at him in a full-blown review.

In case you missed it, I have also done a review of the Series 2 David 8 figure a couple of days ago. NECA really pulled him off!


The packaging that the Deacon comes in is the same as other NECA figures, a clamshell. The front is the same as David 8’s packaging, displaying all of the Deacon’s accessories nicely. I’m really a fan of the wall in the background with all of the piled up Engineers.

The back of the packaging is similar to what David 8 had, with the Prometheus logo and his name at the top with a short bio. Along the bottom you get the new improved pictures of all of the figures from series 1, 2, and the upcoming series 3.

NECA Prometheus Series 2 Deacon Figure packaging
NECA Prometheus Series 2 Deacon Figure packaging back


The sculpt for the Deacon is actually very cool. All of the textures on his body give me the feeling that it’s really a human that has been ripped out of their skin. You can see defined muscles and tendons – he looks pretty nasty. I wonder how long it’s going to be before you hear about someone poking their eye out with that extremely sharp tip on the back of his head.

His feet are sculpted so that he is meant to be standing on his toes. He pretty much has to be standing on the included base or he just looks goofy. You can pose him without the base, but I don’t recommend it. He also comes with 2 different posable hammerpede accessories (they are both different) and a dissected engineer head. The darker engineer head sits on top of the other one, making a very cool display piece.

NECA Prometheus Series 2 Deacon Figure front
NECA Prometheus Series 2 Deacon Figure back


The paint on the Deacon is very well done. The entire figure has a glossy/shiny feeling to him, giving him the slimy effect from the movie. He has some dark washes in the deeper crevices that really make the paint stand out. There is not a single slip up and I don’t think paint is going to be an issue for anyone.

NECA Prometheus Series 2 Deacon Figure open mouth
NECA Prometheus Series 2 Deacon Figure closed mouth


Now after we saw how super articulated David 8 was the Deacon may be a little bit of a let down. The Deacon just has:

  • Hinge jaw/tongue
  • Ball joint head
  • Swivel/hinge shoulders
  • Swivel/hinge elbows
  • Ball joint wrists
  • Ball joint torso
  • Ball joint hips
  • Swivel/hinge knees
  • Ball joint ankles

The articulation is more than enough for some action poses, though you will definitely need to use the included base to support him. Since his feet are sculpted they way they are (so that he’s always on his toes) he looks the best in a crouching stance. One of the coolest things about this figure is the articulated jaw/tongue. You can pose him with his mouth open or closed.

NECA Prometheus Series 2 Deacon Figure bendable accessories
NECA Prometheus Series 2 Deacon Figure engineer head accessory

NECA Prometheus Series 2 Deacon Figure engineer accessory head


At first I was very disappointed with this figure because of the way that his feet are sculpted but as I was working with him the more he grew on me. If you take one foot off of the base you can get him in some very awesome poses. The paint and sculpt and absolutely amazing, something that we have grown to expect from NECA.

If you are a fan of the Prometheus movie this is a must buy figure. Even if you are just an alien fan, you really need to consider buying this figure too. He comes with some great accessories that will really complement the other figures in the NECA Prometheus line.

If you missed the review of David 8 be sure to check him out also!


If you are interested in ordering this figure then you can do so at the following retailers:

NECA Prometheus Series 2 Deacon Figure with David 8

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  • ridureyu

    I really hope I can find this guy tomorrow. I have a 20% Toys R Us coupon that expires after Wednesday!

    • ActionFigFury

      I doubt you will at Toys \”R\” Us. They always take forever to put new things on the shelves.

      • ridureyu

        I've got one! It looks like he can stand on the flats of his feet, if needed.

        • ActionFigFury

          True. BUT, he doesn\’t look nearly as cool standing on his flat feet.