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Toy Fair 2013 – Mezco Toyz Booth Thundercats, Universal Monsters, + MORE

We kicked off a preview of the Toy Fair 2013 – Mezco Toyz Booth with Breaking Bad figures and then we also took a look at thier new Axe Cop figures. MTV Geek was able to get in for an exclusive sneak peak at Mezco Toyz offerings for the New York Toy Fair at their company office in New York yesterday. Some of the things we can take a look at include Thundercats, Universal Monsters, Man of Steel, Mars Attacks, Living Dead Dolls, and some creepy plushies that like to be called “creepy cuddlers”.

Toy Fair 2013 - Mezco Toyz Booth Cheetara thundercats figure deluxe

Joining the already exsisting Thundercats line of toys by Mezco is going to be a 14 inch Cheetara. This Mega Scale figure features 10 points of articulation and includes ball jointed hips. Mezco captured the iconic look of Cheetara from the classic TV series and even let her have her signature bo staff. If you are a fan of the Mezco Thundercats line, as long as you keep purchasing the figures, Mezco Toyz will keep making them!

Toy Fair 2013 - Mezco Toyz Booth Universal Monsters

If you are a fan of the Universal Monsters then Mezco just may have what you are looking for. They have an 18 inch (yes, 18 INCH) Frankenstein figure, 9 inch Mummy, 9 inch Creature from the Black Lagoon, and another Frankenstein figure. The Creature of the Black Lagoon is what catches my eye. I loved the figure that DST did. Check out the review of the Retro Cloth Creature HERE.

Toy Fair 2013 - Mezco Toyz Booth Living Dead Dolls

Staying on the creepy side of things, how about some creepy zombie vampire dolls? Mezco has you covered there with series 25 of their Living Dead Dolls. Mezco’s Drake also pointed out in his presentation that there would be some movie tie in dolls related to Bela Lugosi’s “Dracula” and the “Psycho” movies.  You can also see in the back right of the picture a doll from the “Scary Tales” series. This doll is Mezco putting a Silence of the Lambs twist on Little Bo Peep and her lambs. Very funny.

Toy Fair 2013 - Mezco Toyz Booth Living Dead Dolls Blind Box 2

Also presented at the show was some of Mezco’s Blind Box figures. Some very cool figures to pick up if you don’t want the huge doll.

Toy Fair 2013 - Mezco Toyz Booth

If you enjoyed the 6″ version of the martian invader then you are in for a treat. Mezco Toyz is making 3.75 inch versions of the Mars Attacks Martian Invader. Shown in the preview were 4 different figures, each with a different weapon. You can most likely expect that the figures will be sold separately and will be released in July of 2013.

Toy Fair 2013 - Mezco Toyz Booth

What, your not an action figure fan. You just like to cuddle. Well Mezco’s got you covered once again. They have some little cute guys called “creepy cuddlers”. This line features a 6 inch zombie penguin, teddy bear, and a feral werewolf cat creature. If that isn’t good enough for you there is also going to be a 12 inch zombie cat creature (not pictured).

Other offerings by Mezco Toys at Toy Fair are going to be South Park, Domo, and some other creepy plush dolls. Out of everything that I have seen so far from Mezco I would have to say the thing that caught my eye the most was the 3.75″ Mars Attacks figures. What’s caught your eye so far in the Toy Fair 2013 – Mezco Toyz Booth Preview?

Toy Fair 2013 - Mezco Toyz Booth South Park 4 pack

South Park Box Set

Toy Fair 2013 - Mezco Toyz Booth Domo action figures

Domo Action Figures Series 2

Toy Fair 2013 - Mezco Toyz Booth Creepy Cuddlers

Creepy Cuddlers

Toy Fair 2013 - Mezco Toyz Booth 9 Inch creature from the black lagoon figure

9 Inch Creature From The Black Lagoon Action Figure

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