8 Comments on The Top 6 Action Figures I Still Haven’t Opened Yet

  1. Steven

    Don’t do it man! For the love of everything good and holy!!!! I have the whole avenger ensemble that has been released so far and haven’t opened a one. Perhaps it’s my OCD, perhaps I’m hoping to retire early (preordered all but hawkeye from BBT, and had to order him off eBay for $400), but all the others are still in their plastic. For all I know, Thor could be a Barbie doll! May the force be with you!!!!

    • Nick Lenihan

      I say do it! The great thing about Hot Toys is that they don’t really loose much value like other figures once they are open. Sometimes the used Hot Toys figures even fetch a higher value on eBay than the unopened ones. DO IT!

    • y.f.n.jman

      you’ve got all of them?!?! and haven’t opened them? you, my friend, have an iron will! i’d have to open at least one of them!

  2. strongest mustache

    haha i have 2 of those thor’s unopened………. got one at full price and the other couldnt resist on sale… the reason i havent opened them… the possibility (pathtic hope?) of them greatly appreciating in value and that when open they just wont be as cool as i hoped and in package they look awesome…….

    that is a running problem with me. i get some things never planning to open, some i will def open and others i dont know. but i am often disappointed after opening some of my favorites to find them lacking in overall coolness out of the pacakge. cheap feel, limited articulation… i dont know, maybe i’m just hard to please…

    but back to thor… he does look great in package on my headboard next to the old school marvel legends series 3 thor also still in package

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