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Surfs Up Joker Joining The Batman 1966 Line, No Plans For A Yvonne Craig Batgirl At This Time

A couple of weeks ago Mattel made it pretty clear that the Batman 1966 line wasn’t going to be canceled. I suppose there was a little bit of miscommunication between Mattel, Retailers, and Fans – causing everyone to think that the line was cancelled. Also Mattel saying that there were no more planned figures didn’t really help too much. Now that that’s all cleared up Mattel had a pretty disappoining showing for the Batman 1966 line at NYCC 2013, only revealing Surfs Up Joker. The also said that there are no plans for a Yvonne Craig Batgirl figure at this time.

Surfs Up Joker batman 1966 mattel

Read the Statement from Mattel so there is no confusion:

This just in from the DC team at #NYCC: Hi Classic TV Series Batman fans! BIF! BAM! KAPOW! Did you have a chance to check out the photos of the reveal of Surfs Up Joker from NYCC? This figure comes complete with board shorts and of course his bright green surf board, surfing his way into retail in Summer 2014! He is the perfect complement to Surfs Up Batman which is available in 2013, and an awesome addition to your Classic TV Series Batman collection. And for everyone who is asking about an Yvonne Craig figure, there are no plans at this time for a Batgirl figure. However we hope that you are surfingly-excited about the NYCC reveal: Surfs Up Joker.

I found the end where Mattel says “We hope that you are surfingly-excited about the NYCC reveal: Surfs Up Joker.” extremely comicial. No I’m not excited about Surfs Up Joker… I wasn’t excited about Surfs Up Batman so why would I even be a little bit excited for Surfs Up Joker?

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