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18 Comments on Star Wars Fans Choice Poll – Pick The Next Star Wars Black Series 6-inch Figure

  1. Hale

    Ahsoka Tano THE CLONE WARS style, NOT REBELS!
    Also, anyone from TOR:
    Satle Shan,
    Darth Malgus
    Republic Commandos

  2. Fernmonster

    First, i must apologize for the wordy entry.
    Second, although I am a HUGE fan of the original trilogy, it’s in Hasbro’s best interest to make all the core characters from the OT into 6″ BS figures regardless. And although those are the ones I am most interested in acquiring. … I would love to see Hasbro tackle General Grievous. With the appropriate splitting arms and massive articulation. Not only do they need get his size right (especially after what they did to IG-88), he should also include at least 4 lit lightsabers and a few un-lit around his belt. Lastly, a soft-goods cloak is a must. Asthmatic cough optional.

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