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Star Wars Black Series Sith Trooper Retail Release

D23 is almost here

At SDCC earlier this month Hasbro had a handful of SDCC Exclusives. Among them was the Sith Tropper from the Rise of Skywalker. Now Hasbro are re-releasing the figure in the main Black Series line.

As you can see this is the same figure that was available at SDCC minus a few accessories. This figure will be available for purchase at D23 via shopDisney and in limited quantities at most major online retailers and starting on September 4, 2019.

I’m hoping at D23 which will be on the 23-25 of August we get a look at some brand new Star Wars Black series figures from the upcoming Rise of Skywalker and hopefully a few surprises as well! As Force Friday would literally be a week away!

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