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Star Wars Black Series General Grievous Update!

We’ve Been Expecting General Grievous!

Earlier today Hasbro revealed two new images of the General Grievous figure that’ll be hitting Fan Channel/Online this spring and will be available to pre-order this Wednesday. The new images are of Grievous in packaging and one outside of his packaging. Since they revealed the figure in November of last year I’ve really wanted to get my hands on it and these pictures only intensify my need for it!

As you can see Grievous comes with four lightsabers which he’s taken from four fallen Jedi’s. He also comes with a blaster rifle as well, I think this is the blaster that Obi-Wan uses to finish him off. He also has a removable cape which has pockets to hold the four lightsaber hilts.

This figure is an absolute must-have if you’re a Black Series fan.





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