Sneak Peek at Alien Resurrection Newborn Alien

Alien Resurrection figures arrive in 2019

Sometime last year NECA revealed that they’ll be doing figures from Alien Resurrection by showing a work-in-progress Ripley 8 from the film. Then at SDCC this year NECA showed off a prototype of the Newborn Alien from Alien Resurrection.

I have to say even though I’m not a really big fan of the film NECA have done an outstanding job recreating the Newborn in plastic form. It looks exactly the same as it did in the film but a lot less slimy looking than it did in the film which is a good thing!

The sculpt is absolutely outstanding and he also includes a figure stand as the Newborn is a very tall figure. As you can see the Newborn comes in deluxe packaging due to the sheer size of the figure.

I have to say NECA has a knack for creating spectacular figures from not so much loved films. Just look at the fantastic AVP Predator figures they were incredible and the fantastic Tonto figure from The Lone Ranger line. I’m all in for the Alien Resurrection figures especially for Newborn and Ripley 8.

Look for this figure to be released on store shelves in early 2019.

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