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Simpsons Guest Star Series 2 Action Figures Announced by NECA at Toy Fair 2014

Woo hoo! It’s the Simpsons 25th anniversary and NECA would like to celebrate by continuing on with their 25 greatest celebrity guest stars program. Following right behind Series 1, NECA is going to be introducing 8 new celebrities to be part of their Simpsons Guest Star Series 2 action figures.

Each of the new celebrities featured in series 2 all have incredible sculpts complete with celebrity likeness (as a Simpsons character). They are poseable at the arms, waist and head, and comes with character-specific accessories. Series 2 is set to include Pete, John, and Roger from The Who, Mark Hamill, Britney Spears, Lucy Lawless, Tony Hawk, plus a brand-new version of Maggie Simpson.

Look for the Simpsons Guest Star Series 2 figures to hit retail this April.

Simpsons Guest Star Series 2 Action Figures neca

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