Posted June 13, 2014 by Nick Lenihan in News

Settle The Score with this Star Wars Black Series Cantina Showdown Figure Set

One of the most debated things in the Star Wars Universe is about to be settled by Hasbro. Han Shot First in this brand new Star Wars Black Series Cantina Showdown Figure set.

Not much information has been made available, but Andrew’s Toys has put up a page with the Cantina Showdown deluxe figure set. It comes with 6-inch Han Solo and Greedo action figures and character specific accessories. Now I’m not exactly a marketing professional, but I don’t quite see where Hasbro is trying to go with this set. If you picked up the Star Wars Black Series figures from wave 2, you can already recreate this scene with a little bit of imagination… Though, I suppose it’s pretty cool to have a micro diorama to spice things up.

Pricing, pre-order information, and other info hasn’t been made available quite yet. Stay tuned for more information about this and other deluxe figure sets when San Diego Comic-Con 2014 comes at the end of July.

Star Wars Black Series Cantina Showdown Figure Set

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