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Potted Groot Becomes Famous, Hot Toys’ Groot and Rocket Set Keeps Getting Better

If you haven’t seen the epic space adventure, Guardians of the Galaxy, yet, then you better stop reading this article. It contains potential spoilers that may or may not prevent you from getting all warm and fuzzy inside when you watch the movie.

Long story short, the Potted Groot towards the end of the film has become an international superstar. Everyone in the movie theater loved him. Apparently Hot Toys loved him too, as they have created not one, but two versions of Potted Groot.

Several weeks ago I placed an order for the Sideshow Exclusive Hot Toys Groot and Rocket sixth scale figure set and yesterday I was told that the Sideshow Exclusive set is now going to contain a Potted Groot with arms, as well as a Potted Groot without arms.

The Potted Groot without arms is now the “Sideshow Exclusive” accessory for the 2-pack and all other 2-packs ordered from websites like BBTS are just going to have the sixth scale Potted Groot with arms.

This Hot Toys set just keeps getting better and better. Have you pre-ordered yours yet?

Sideshow Exclusive Potted Groot Hot Toys Rocket and Groot sixth scale figures

2 Comments on Potted Groot Becomes Famous, Hot Toys’ Groot and Rocket Set Keeps Getting Better

    • Nick Lenihan

      Yes. The Sideshow Exclusive version comes with Potted Groot WITH hands, Potted Groot WITHOUT hands, the Angry Groot face, and clinched hands for Groot.

      The normal, non-exclusive 2-pack also comes with all that, except it’s missing the Potted Groot WITHOUT hands.

      I think a lot of people are confused because originally the 2-pack was just exclusive to Sideshow. People liked it so much that they offered the 2-pack to all retailers, giving Sideshow a new, exclusive accessory (potted groot without hands).

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