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Photo Contest #11

I present you with Photo Contest #11! If you guys know anyone that would like to participate in the photo contest feel free to share it with them. The more participation the better!

Here you can enter your photos of action figures or other toys for a chance to win a lifetime feature on my “Wall of Fame”. Throughout the contest you will also have the chance of your picture being featured on Twitter or Facebook.

Remember, only the TOP VOTED photo is going to make it onto the wall of fame. Submit your very best work, because the competition is going to be tight. The votes for the top pictures the last few weeks were very close.

Be sure to Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook to see if your photos get featured during the contest. Check back throughout the week and be sure to vote on all of the photos. The top photo at the end of the contest with the highest average rating out of 5 will be contacted to get your spot on the “Wall of Fame”!

Check out last weeks winner on the “Wall of Fame”.

This contest ends next week on Mar 06, 2013!

This contest is currently CLOSED. Visit the “Wall of Fame” and see the Winner!

Photo Contest Instructions:

  • Pick a photo from your computer (TOY or ACTION FIGURE related ONLY!)
  • It will be automatically resized to be no bigger than 800×600 (scaled).
  • Keep the photo you upload to a reasonable file size or it will not show up on the site. (under 2MB)
  • Include a description of what your picture is of. Please keep your description short.
  • Vote for all of the photos on the page out of 5 stars.
  • Comment on this page and claim your photo by the description (ie. My photo is “Are you ready?”)
  • Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook to see if you get featured!
  • You can upload up to 3 of your own photos.

NOTE: It may take up to 5 min. for you to be able to vote on the picture after you upload it.

You MUST Claim your photo in the comments by the description if you want to be on the “Wall of Fame” (SEE INSTRUCTIONS ABOVE)

8 Comments on Photo Contest #11

  1. Hi. I just posted "A Death in the Family". Took five minutes of set-up, and some fresh red paint. In the end, because of the angle, I managed to not get a drop of blood on either of the figures. Thanks!

  2. Guinea Pig

    The guards could barely hold her back. “Stop it! You’re killing him!” Jaye screamed at Dr. Mindbender. “A small price to pay for the advancement of science,” he replied with scorn for her lack of vision.

  3. Jeff

    I claim the following images:
    1. This ends tonight, Skeletor!
    2. Droids in the Desert
    3. Come away with me, Viktor…

    Thank you and good luck to all 🙂

  4. ridureyu

    I posted:

    Demo-Man, Skeletor's Demon (proper lighting makes his green a lot less garish!)

    "I Will Break You!" (those figures aren't poseable enough for a REAL fight scene)

    Spidron (New Battle Beasts! I reviewed them on Nerditis a while ago, and just put up a followup on the TRU-exclusives recently.)

  5. Rodney L

    Hello Everyone ! I uploaded :

    1. The Avengers
    2. Obadiah Stane
    3. The Herculoids

    Thanks , congrats to last weeks Wall of Famer , and good luck everyone !

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