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  1. Hi. I just posted "A Death in the Family". Took five minutes of set-up, and some fresh red paint. In the end, because of the angle, I managed to not get a drop of blood on either of the figures. Thanks!

  2. Guinea Pig

    The guards could barely hold her back. “Stop it! You’re killing him!” Jaye screamed at Dr. Mindbender. “A small price to pay for the advancement of science,” he replied with scorn for her lack of vision.

  3. Jeff

    I claim the following images:
    1. This ends tonight, Skeletor!
    2. Droids in the Desert
    3. Come away with me, Viktor…

    Thank you and good luck to all 🙂

  4. ridureyu

    I posted:

    Demo-Man, Skeletor's Demon (proper lighting makes his green a lot less garish!)

    "I Will Break You!" (those figures aren't poseable enough for a REAL fight scene)

    Spidron (New Battle Beasts! I reviewed them on Nerditis a while ago, and just put up a followup on the TRU-exclusives recently.)

  5. Rodney L

    Hello Everyone ! I uploaded :

    1. The Avengers
    2. Obadiah Stane
    3. The Herculoids

    Thanks , congrats to last weeks Wall of Famer , and good luck everyone !

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