• Strongest Mustache

    ice and aqua man are bad ass, but i prob wont bother getting them.. well maybe ice, the version of ice i have as guy gardner arm candy now is pretty lame…

    those ghost busters though… if i see the 2-packs at retail i will buy them!

  • Ms. Shmeh

    Shocked that mattel is releasing these DCUC figures. Too bad there’s no Miss Martian still. Had matty not screwed us on the MM/SB 2 pack I would have bought a 2014 sub. Also, why must people say “reveal” when they mean to say “revelation” or “unveiling”? Reveal is a verb, not a noun.

    • Nick Lenihan

      HaHa. I guess it’s toy geek wording. Everyone seems to use it as a noun even though it’s not.

    • VinylVillainy

      Eat a dick,word nerd

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