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NYCC 2013: MOTUC, DC Universe and Ghostbusters Reveals From Mattel

Yesterday we got a little bit of the Preview Night preview – a look at some of the new products that Mattel is going to be showing off at New York Comic-Con 2013, but today the show has actually begun! Mattel has a few new MOTUC, DC Universe and Ghostbusters Reveals from their Mattypalooza panel that happened this morning. You can check out the official photos below, as well as the official descriptions.

DC Universe Figures
Toy Guru confirmed four figures are coming to DC Universe in 2014.

  • DC Universe Aquaman
  • DC Universe Ice
  • DC Universe Superboy
  • DC Universe Damian Wayne

dc universe classics aqua man

dc universe classics damien wayne

dc universe classics ice

dc universe classics superbly

DC Universe Total Heroes
We will also be offering four quarterly deluxe DC Universe Total Heroes figures in 2014. Each figure will arrive with accessories and an extra head.

  • John Stewart Green Lantern pack (with Tomar-Re and Green Man heads)
  • Black Manta (with unmasked head, alternate head and weapons)
  • Firestorm (with classic head, modern head and energy blasts)
  • Batman Beyond (with masked head, unmasked head and bat weapons)

Masters of the Universe® Classics Flogg™
Scheduled for the July 2014 Club Eternia® figure, the Evil Leader of the Space Mutants will arrive with his Sidewinder laser whip and additional sword.

motuc flogg figure

Ghostbusters™ 2014 30th Anniversary 2-Packs

Four new figures from the first Ghostbusters™ movie arrive in late summer of 2014! Each 2-pack will include two 6″ figures featuring new torsos with two removable proton packs, two snap-on proton streams, and two “no ghost” logo stands. This 2-pack comes in window box 30th Anniversary packaging.

  • Pack 1: Ray Stantz™ and Egon Spengler™ Figures
  • Pack 2: Peter Venkman™ and Winston Zeddemore™ Figures

ghostbusters 30th anniversary figures

ghostbusters 30th anniversary figures MOTUC, DC Universe and Ghostbusters Reveals

via Mattel

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4 Comments on NYCC 2013: MOTUC, DC Universe and Ghostbusters Reveals From Mattel

  1. Strongest Mustache

    ice and aqua man are bad ass, but i prob wont bother getting them.. well maybe ice, the version of ice i have as guy gardner arm candy now is pretty lame…

    those ghost busters though… if i see the 2-packs at retail i will buy them!

  2. Ms. Shmeh

    Shocked that mattel is releasing these DCUC figures. Too bad there’s no Miss Martian still. Had matty not screwed us on the MM/SB 2 pack I would have bought a 2014 sub. Also, why must people say “reveal” when they mean to say “revelation” or “unveiling”? Reveal is a verb, not a noun.

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