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NECA Updates Pacific Rim, POTA, AvP, and ALIENS

During the Christmas holidays many toy companies have been taking it easy, but you can’t quite say that for NECA. They have sent out updates for a bunch of licenses such as: Pacific Rim, POTA, AvP, and ALIENS. I’m sure that this is just the beginning with Toy Fair 2014 right around the corner.

The first images that NECA sent out this week were of their Aliens series 2 figures in their packaging. Series 2 is going to contain a new version of the original 1979 Alien, the Aliens Warrior, and Colonial Marine Sgt. Windrix. They are due to be shipping in the middle of January.
Pacific Rim, POTA, AvP, and ALIENS
neca sereis 2 aliens sgt windrix

Right before Christmas (2 minutes before midnight to be exact), NECA tweeted out an image of the weapon sketches for the Kenner AvP Renegade Predator. NECA’s first series of Kenner Predators was a smashing success, so I’m sure fans can’t wait to see what NECA brings to the table for the next series.

neca kenner avp renegade predator weapons

As a very early Christmas present NECA tweeted out an image of a very early prototype of one of their upcoming Gorilla Soldier action figures from Planet of the Apes. NECA noted that there will be multiple soldiers with different accessories and heads.

neck planet of the apes gorilla soldier

As we saw last month, NECA’s next Pacific Rim series is going to be so large that it had to be broken into two different series. Over the holidays, NECA sent out an image of the Cherno Alpha Jaeger before all the articulation and fine detail has been added in.

neca pacific rim cherno alpha prototype


UPDATE: NECA has just sent out an updated image of the┬áNostromo space suit. Last time we saw the┬áNostromo space suit it wasn’t very complete. This suit is going to be part of the ALIEN 35th anniversary in 2014.

neca nostrum space suit

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