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NECA TMNT 1990 Movie Wave 2

Splinter, Shredder and The Foot Clan make up wave 2

As you know NECA released a new TMNT 1990 Movie set as a SDCC exclusives and now it’s been officially revealed that the four figures in that set will make up wave 2 of the TMNT 1990 Gamestop Exclusive figures.

It should be added that in the last few weeks wave 1 has been restocked in Gamestop stores across the US so hopefully I can find them next week. The news of wave 2 was leaked from the in-store system by Instagram user @kenstole.

It’s unclear what accessories what the figures will be coming with but I can guess that Splinter and Shredder will come with accessories and I know that they’ll be two different variations of the Foot Soldier which will come with different weapons.

As you can guess I really want to get the first wave so I’ll definitely be after the second one as well which should be hitting stores in February of next year.

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