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NECA Team Fortress 2 Demoman Figure Review

NECA Team Fortress 2 Demoman Figure Review
NECA Team Fortress 2 Demoman Figure Review
NECA Team Fortress 2 Demoman Figure Review

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Name: TF2 Demoman (RED)
Release Date: 2013
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Posted January 25, 2013 by

Yesterday we went down memory lane for me and took a look at NECA’s Team Fortress 2 PYRO figureand it actually made me so amped up about Team Fortress 2 I re-installed it on to my computer. Today we are going to have a closer look at the other LIMITED EDITION action figure from the RED Series 1, the NECA Team Fortress 2 Demoman Figure.

The Demoman isn’t my favorite character to play in the game (I like the Engineer the most…. in case you were wondering) but he is up there on my list. After all, what is better than an explosives trained, alcoholic, bottle-fighting, mercenary? Enough with the nonsense, let’s just take a look at the DEMOMAN.

“Boom Boom Baby.”

Click on the image for a larger view.


The packaging that we get the Demoman in is a standard clamshell that you have probably seen before if you have ever bought anything from NECA. The front of the packaging shows off the figure and his accessories very well, appealing for a MOC collector. Across the top you have the Team Fortress 2 logo and then along the bottom you have the Demoman’s name. Also, along the bottom it notes that this figure is for ages 17+ to go along with the M rating that the game has.

Don’t forget about that bonus code that is inside… He comes with a code that you can redeem in-game for a special item. Not sure what yet, but it’s something. Redeemable’s are usually fun.

NECA Team Fortress 2 Demoman Figure packaging front
NECA Team Fortress 2 Demoman Figure packaging back

The back of the clamshell was made to look like a “Top Secret” file (no so much anymore) containing the character’s name, skills, birthplace, and a brief bio about him. Click on the picture below to view a larger image to learn more about the Demoman.

NECA Team Fortress 2 Demoman Figure bio


Like the Pyro, the Demoman looks just like he does in the game. He has a rubbery flack vest (sculpted separate from the upper torso) and a couple pouches glued onto his hips. He has a little bit of a cartoonish feel (like he should) to him with his slightly oversized forearms and huge hands. He has a pretty mean head sculpt as well.


He comes with quite a few accessories like his regular grenade launcher, his sticky launcher, and 2 extra left hands. One of the left hands is holding his bottle of booze.

His right hand was sculpted to hold onto the launchers and so that his finger goes on the trigger. You can also have him hold the launchers in his left hand, though none of the fingers will be able to be on the trigger.

I love the bottle of booze hand. It just would have been nice to have to bottle removable from the hand.

One thing that I would have liked to have is a loose sticky or regular grenade. It would make getting the whole set of figures that much sweeter.

NECA Team Fortress 2 Demoman Figure front
NECA Team Fortress 2 Demoman Figure back


There was a little bit of slop on this guy but I have a feeling I just got unlucky. Most of the figures probably have pretty good paint like the Pyro had. Also like the Pyro, the Demoman has a dark wash on his pants. It is just not as dark of a was as the Pyro had.

A cool touch that I really enjoyed was underneath the groin flap is the sticky note with the smiley face. That was really cool.

NECA Team Fortress 2 Demoman Figure upper torso
NECA Team Fortress 2 Demoman Figure groin sticky note


Since this guy is a little bit more of a slender character than the Pyro is… he can move a lot better. His head is on a ball/hinge joint allowing for up, left, and right movement with ease. He can’t really look down to the ground at all though.

His shoulders are swivel/hinge joints that are just slightly restricted by the edge of his rubber vest. His elbows are swivel/hinge joints that bend about 45 degrees and his wrists are also swivel/hinge joints.

His midsection has a floating ab joint with tons of movement.

For his lower body he has fully functional ball joint hips, a swivel at the top of the thigh, swivel/hinge knees that bend just shy of 90 degrees, swivel/hinge ankles, and a cut in the middle of his foot.

Everything functions pretty much as you would expect. It would have made posing him a little easier to have more articulation in the elbows… but I got along fine without it.

NECA Team Fortress 2 Demoman Figure posed
NECA Team Fortress 2 Demoman Figure accessories


Another top-notch Team Fortress 2 action figure from NECA. I liked this guy quite a bit, though I don’t think as much as the PYRO. (I like the PYRO more in the game too.) Don’t get me wrong though, this guy is still an amazing figure from NECA. They have really stepped up their game in paint and articulation recently and I’m loving it.


If you would like to order yourself a Demoman action figure then the only place that I know where they are still in stock is Atomic Toy Store. They have them listed for $24.99. Atomic Toy Store also has the PRE-ORDER for the BLU DEMOMAN and BLU PYRO that are coming out in April of this year.

If you don’t want to go there then you can always try eBay. Check out some of the listings below:

NECA Team Fortress 2 Demoman Figure with Pyro figure

NECA Team Fortress 2 Demoman Figure


NECA Team Fortress 2 Demoman Figure


NECA Team Fortress 2 Demoman Figure


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  • tavish degroot

    Great review :)

    I just got mine Demoman figure, and while it looks awesome, the joints are a little too stiff in my opinion. I'm kinda afraid of attempting to move them, since I don't want the figure to break…

    Also, I find it a little too difficult to get him hold the Grenade Launcher properly, which is sad because it's my favorite Demoman weapon(screw the Stickies, pills for the win!)

    Overall though, I liked it. Can't wait for the upcoming Heavy figure, I'll also try to get the others as they come by(especially Medic, Soldier, and maybe Engineer if he comes with a level 3 Sentry… :D)

  • Ibby

    Nice review and nice photos. Do you find hard making the figure to stand up on its own? I had to put it in the shelf sitting on the edge because keeps falling down.