NECA SDCC Horror Reveals

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NECA wasn’t short of reveals at SDCC with plenty of new awesome products revealed. A big attraction of their display is their horror section and NECA revealed plenty of big surprises including the fact that they’ve reacquired the Hellraiser license.

NECA 1990 Retro Pennywise

Now this was a brand new announcement. We knew that a Retro 2017 Pennywise was being released sometime later this year. Now the equally iconic 1990 Pennywise is getting the Retro treatment too and It looks absolutely fantastic!

If you’ve got the Ultimate figure you’ll be familiar with some of the accessories that Pennywise is coming with here. He comes with an interchangeable heads, hand and a balloon.

I love the Ultimate figure and this looks equally impressive. The Retro format is absolutely perfect for the Pennywise figures. I would love to add this to my NECA Retro Horror figure shelf.

NECA Ultimate Hellraiser Pinhead

At SDCC NECA has a prototype of the Ultimate Pinhead on display and just yesterday, NECA revealed a gallery of the fully painted figure and all his accessories. I have to say the figure doesn’t look short of outstanding! I’m not to familiar with the Hellraiser property but I’m familiar with Pinhead and he looks incredible. As you can see the figure comes with two heads and two version of the Lament Configuration Box (one opened and one closed)

It seems that NECA has been on a Clive Barker revival lately with the Retro Nightbreed villain Dr. Decker and Candyman earlier this year as well. I should mention that Ultimate Pinhead will be released in December and is a must-have if your a fan of the Hellraiser franchise or just Pinhead in general.

Toony Terrors Series 2 + Bride of Chucky Two-Pack

At SDCC NECA revealed the next assortment of figures that will make up Series 2 of the Toony Terrors line that will be hitting store shelves later this year. The next series consists of Michael Myers from Halloween, Pinhead from Hellraiser and Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

These are 6 inch scale figures that are highly stylized to look like cartoon versions of themselves and they look absolutely fantastic and stylized perfectly as I could imagine that’s how Michael Myers would look like in a cartoon.

Also, I should add that they revealed a Toony Terror Bride of Chucky two-pack which comes with stylized versions of Chucky and Tiffany and they look absolutely perfect. Each figure comes with accurate accessories and a themed backdrop. Series 2 will be released and Bride of Chucky two pack will be released in November. I’m definitely into getting to these as they’ll look fantastic on the shelf.

The Conjuring Universe Ultimate Annabelle figure

NECA kicked off their Conjuring Universe line with the reveal of the Crooked Man at Toy Fair earlier this year as well as a Retro Valak The Nun figure. Now the line is set to continue with the announcement of the franchises biggest icon.

I’ve only seen the original Conjuring film though I’m familiar with Annabelle who has her own film franchise. There’s no denying that Annabelle has an iconic look and I have to say NECA has done a fantastic job with the figure. It looks like a miniaturized version of the doll from the films. I should mention that this figure is based on her appearance in Annabelle Comes Home.

I love the worn and aged look to Annabelle and the detailing is absolutely fantastic. I really like the inclusion of soft goods on NECA’s ultimate figures as it doesn’t hinder articulation and if it was fully made of plastic it wouldn’t look right.

Annabelle comes with all the accessories that she needs to which includes three creepy interchangeable heads, note, chair and the museum doll case which she’s usually housed in. This figure looks absolutely fantastic and I cannot wait to get her to put her among with my other Ultimate Horror figures by NECA as she’ll really fit in.

I would be curious to know how much she would cost considering that she comes included with the Museum case, regardless I would definitely love to get this one.

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