NECA SDCC 2019 Exclusive John Connor With Bike From Terminator 2: Judgement Day

No Fate But What We Make For Ourselves

A few short months ago NECA revealed that they’ll be releasing a John Connor with bike set for their Terminator 2 Judgment Day line. Now it’s been revealed that it’ll be a SDCC 2019 Exclusive and will include some other extras.

The other extras are an interchangeable head from how John Connor looked in Terminator 2: Battle Across Time. Not only that you also get a backpack, hacking device and a T-800 Arm along with the dirt bike

No we have a closer look at the figure I have to say the likeness to Edward Furlong is fantastic! They’ve also re-created his costume from Terminator 2 perfectly but unfortunately he doesn’t have the Public Enemy logo on his T-shirt as that would be a legal issue nightmare.

Much like Newt from Aliens who was a SDCC exclusive got a retail release in a two pack with Ripley so I wouldn’t be surprised that John get’s released at mass retail at some point in the near future with less accessories which I would be more than happy with.

Like all NECA SDCC Exclusive figures, you’ll be able to order him online next month and he’ll ship in August whilst most of them will be available at SDCC itself. I should mention it’ll cost $50.

If your a Terminator 2 fan there’s no doubt about it it’s a must havefigure.

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