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NECA Predators Series 9 Action Figures

The Predators collection is celebrating their 25th Anniversary of the 1987 film with the NECA Predators Series 9 Action Figures. The 8th series was an instant sell out on NECA’s end and I’m sure it’s going to be the same for Series 9. Like with Series 8, Series 9 is going to feature 2 more versions of Arnold Schwarznegger as Dutch Schaefer!

Included in NECA Predators Series 9 is:

  • Encounter Dutch
  • Jungle Disguise Dutch
  • Water Emergence Predator

Encounter Dutch NECA Predators Series 9 Action Figures

Encounter Dutch looks like he did in the movie when he first encounters the Predator in the Jungle, featuring over 20 points of articulation, an all new shirtless torso w/ vest, pistol, knife, and an M-16 rifle accessory.

Jungle Disguise Dutch NECA Predators Series 9 Action Figures

The Jungle Disguise Dutch is camoflauged in his mud disguise and also features over 20 points of articulation. He comes with spears, bow & arrow, and torch accessories.

water emergence predator NECA Predators Series 9 Action Figures

Finally, the coolest guy in the assortment is going to be the Water Emergence Predator. This guy is an improved version of the Jungle Hunter Predator from when he de-cloaks while in the water. The plastic that the figure is cast in is partially translucent and has a pretty cool lighting effect on it. He features over 25 points of articulation (including ball-jointed hips and double jointed knees), extendable wrist blades, and a removable backpack.

Look for these guys to be hitting stores in June of 2013!

All 3 of these figures are currently available for pre-order at our site sponsor BBTS! 

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