NECA Life Size Screen Accurate Bride of Chucky Dolls!

Wanna Play?

If you didn’t know NECA have been releasing some incredible Child’s Play/Chucky products in the last two years or so and now that trend continues with the announcement of the life-size screen accurate Bride of Chucky Dolls.

In the lead up to SDCC NECA’s Randy Faulk announced on Twitter that he’ll be escorting two celebrities with him to SDCC which were life-size dolls of Chucky and Tiffany, which were revealed in some very amusing and funny pictures on their Twitter account.

Then during preview night, it was announced that these two actual dolls are NECA products! These are screen accurate representations of Chucky and Tiffany from Bride of Chucky and they stand at 30 inches tall and feature articulated armature so you can get them in many poses and they also feature life like eyes and synthetic hair.

The costumes are incredibly well detailed and the sculpts are absolutely fantastic! I should mention that these dolls are sculpted by Iric Fidram and Mychal Vens of Moody Pudding Studios

I honestly do love the look of these as I’m a big fan of the Chucky franchise and these do look outstanding. Though they are pretty expensive costing $449.95 each and they’ll be released in February of next year! If I did have the money I would seriously consider getting these!

As last night was only preview night, expect alot of SDCC content on the site once official press pictures are released on the products!

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