Posted February 10, 2013 by Nick Lenihan in Conventions

NECA Kick Ass 2 Series 1 Action Figures

Another big license that NECA announced at Toy Fair 2013 was the Kick Ass 2 license. While there was hints about it before the fair started, now it is confirmed, along with the revealing of some amazing NECA Kick Ass 2 Series 1 Action Figures. These figures will kick your ass.

The Kick Ass 2 movie is scheduled to hit theaters on the 28th of June and the action figures should be arriving just before that, in May 2013.

These figures stand 6.5″-7″ tall and feature over 20 points of articulation. They also come complete with their movie accurate accessories. The assortment of series 1 includes:

  • Hit-Girl
  • Kick-Ass
  • Mf’er

If you are interested in pre-ordering these figures, they are currently available at our site sponsor BBTS!

Hit-Girl NECA Kick Ass 2 Series 1 Action Figures
Kick-Ass NECA Kick Ass 2 Series 1 Action Figures

Mf'er Mother Fucker NECA Kick Ass 2 Series 1 Action Figures

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