NECA Iron Maiden Pharaoh Eddie Figure Revealed!


As you may have noticed NECA have changed their profile picture on their social media accounts a few days ago. Now NECA has fully revealed the Iron Maiden Pharaoh Eddie figure!

Like all of NECA’s latest Iron Maiden figures Pharaoh Eddie is a retro figure which suits Eddie perfectly. I haven’t got any of the figures yet though I’ve always wanted to get them. I know NECA have rereleased Trooper Eddie which I’d probably pick up soon.

I have to say the Pharaoh Eddie looks absolutely perfect. I love the sculpted pieces and the fabric wraps look great. The head sculpt looks incredible and so iconic. The head dress and the waist garment look well detailed and really stand out on the figure.

The sword and staff accessories look great and Eddie holds them very well. The figure will be released during June 2020 and is a must-have for any Iron Maiden fan. I’m definitely going to get this one that’s for sure!

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