NECA Halloween II Ultimate Michael Myers

The Shape Returns!

At Toy Fair earlier this year NECA revealed that they’ll be releasing an ultimate Michael Myers figure from Halloween II. I haven’t seen it that many times though I know there’s quite a lot of differences between his appearance between the original Halloween and Halloween II.

I love the box art for this figure as I love the poster for this film.

As you can see Michael is wearing a slightly different colored pair of overals and has a wider face as he was portrayed by a different actor under the mask. As you can see Michael comes with three heads: a standard Michael Myers head, a Ben Travers head and the iconic bloody tears mask.

Ben Travers was a character who tragically got mistaken for Michael Myers and got killed in a car crash. Michael Myers comes with a variety of hands to hold his various weapons which are a knife, hammer, syringe and a scalpel. The other accessory that he comes with (and is my personal favorite) is the pumpkin from the opening credits of the film which opens up to reveal a human skull inside!

I’m not a big fan of Halloween II but I can’t deny this is a fantastic looking figure and one I’ll definitely be getting when it’s released next month!

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