NECA Goonies Chunk & Sloth 2-Pack Images!

Hey You Guys!

If you remember a while ago NECA revealed that they had the license to release Goonies related products. The first product that they’ll be releasing is a retro Chunk and Sloth 2 pack. When they first revealed it I was really impressed and now with more images of this 2-pack, I’m sold on it even more!

They’ve updated the articulation on Sloth as he now has double-jointed elbows. The sculpts on both figures are fantastic recreating the character’s appearances perfectly! the likeness to Jeff Cohen and the makeup of Sloth looks perfect! The soft goods clothes fit the figures very well and don’t look oversized.

The accessories are absolutely perfect. You get the miniature statue of David, a sword and pirate hat for Chunk and Sloth.

This two-pack is going to be released early next year and I would love to get my hands on it as I’m a big fan of the Goonies and I hope more products are on the way!

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