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NECA Announces Deluxe Robocop 3 Action Figure with Jetpack and Cannon

Brought back by popular demand, the future of law enforcement is about to get the ‘deluxe treatment’! Robocop is sporting a brand new look, what NECA is calling the Deluxe Robocop 3 action figure.

He comes complete with some of the most requested accessories from the collector community, his jetpack and Cobra Assault Cannon. The jetpack attaches to the figure’s back and comes complete with a cannon arm, just like in the film. The┬áCobra Assault Cannon is more of an added bonus that has just been requested too many times to not be included. It comes straight out of the original 1987 Robocop film and is compatible with all of NECA’s previous 7 inch Robocop releases.

The figure itself is sporting a brand new deco, perfectly reflecting the character’s bluer color scheme from the sequel films.

Look for this figure to be available in June for just under $30.

Deluxe Robocop 3 Action Figure NECA

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