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NECA Crash With Hoverboard Images!

Naughty Dog’s Original Mascot Get’s More Awesome Figures by NECA

Last month NECA released Crash Bandicoot on store shelves and fans loved them. At SDCC last month NECA revealed more Crash Bandicoot figures that really impressed.  The first of the new figures to be released is Crash with Hoverboard.

I grew up in the 90’s and remember Crash Bandicoot and playing some of the games on PS1. I don’t exactly remember using the hoverboard in the games though I know it was featured in one of them. I still need to get my hands on the original figure and I do have my eyes on this one as well.

This figure is very similar to the original figure with a brand new head sculpt and his hot rod hoverboard. It should be noted that like the original figure his eyebrows have ball joints so they can be adjusted to put Crash in various poses.

The figure is certainly well detailed. The fur looks very well sculpted and painted and looks accurate to its in-game model. His costume is very accurate as well with his blue shorts, red trainers, and half gloves. The hoverboard itself looks awesome and very well detailed. With the flame decal on the front of the board and the engine and exhaust pipes on the back. I love the orange paint in the pipes as it gives the allusion that it’s in motion.

Crash is well articulated and as you can see he can be positioned on the board as if he’s riding it. I’m not entirely sure if the hoverboard has a display stand so that it appears if it’ll be floating.

This figure is a must-have if you’re a fan of Crash Bandicoot and it’ll be released in the fall of this year.



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