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NECA Classic Cartoon TMNT 2-Packs By NECA!

More NECA TMNT Figures Widely Available!

It’s been rumored for some time that NECA would be releasing their cartoon TMNT figures in two packs exclusively available at Target, well now NECA has officially confirmed it.

The two packs consist of:

  • Donatello & Krang
  • Leonardo & Shredder
  • Raphael & Foot Soldier
  • Michelangelo & Foot Soldier

These figures are re-releases of the SDCC 2017 Cartoon TMNT figures that were widely popular. Now NECA is releasing them exclusively available at Target so more fans can get their hands on them which is a great thing as I’ve seen a number of bootlegs of the packs on eBay.

The two packs will cost $50 and if they prove to be popular NECA would release more of them!

These figures will be released at the end of the month and early March and you can bet I’ll be looking for these and the Gamestop TMNT figures next month when I’m in Florida.


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