NECA AVP Arcade Dutch and Linn Two Pack Hitting Stores Soon!

I’ve been looking forward to this two-pack for quite some time since they revealed it sometime last year and I cannot wait for it to be released next month. For those of you who may know not know NECA have been releasing a line of figures based on the classic Capcom Alien Vs Predator game.

As you can see this two pack consists of Dutch from the original film, but now outfitted with a large metallic arm and Linn who made her debut in this video game. Their paint deco recreates their appearances in the video game and I have to say they look absolutely fantastic.

Dutch and Linn come with some accessories including a backpack, interchangeable robotic hand and blast effect for Dutch whereas Linn comes with a pistol, katana and an interchangeable hand. This two pack looks amazing and is amazing and a must have for fans of the game.

This two pack should be hitting store shelves in the middle of May so I hope I can find this on store shelves when I go to New Orleans in June.

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