NECA Alien3 Ultimate Dog Alien Packaging

A great re-release of a highly sought after figure.

NECA are re-releasing one of their mosrky sought after figuries. As you undoubtedly know NECA have the rights to the Alien franchise and have produced a number of figures from the franchise.

One of those that I unfortunately missed out on the original release and that was the original release. Now NECA is re-releasing the figure and throwing some nice additions.

Also the packaging states that this is a more up to date accurate sculpt and more articulation than the prior release.

The Dog Alien is more articulated than the previous Aliens that NECA had released previously from the other films. You may also remember there was an accessory set from Alien3 as well. This Dog Alien comes with a Queen Chestburster and a Green Queen Chestburster which was used in the marketing for Alien3. Along with those accessories it also comes with a display stand.

This figure will be hitting store shelves in the middle of next month and if your an Alien3 fan or you missed out on the previous releases this is a must-have!

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