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NECA Goes Big With the Space Jockey and Full Sized Face Hugger

NECA has taken the “Go big or go home,” mantra to heart with two new Alien movie collectibles, one of which was just revealed, and one of which is hitting retailers now.

Hitting store in plenty of time for Halloween is NECA’s full-size Alien facehugger figure. Now, this figure was already being released as part of a set that had a full-size egg, with LED lights, that opened to reveal a facehugger. But, due to popular demand NECA is now releasing the facehugger separately, much to the delight of fans who maybe didn’t have $500 laying around for the egg/facehugger set.

And if that’s not your Alien jam, then maybe their foam replica of the Alien Space Jockey will be. As seen in the 1979 all-time horror classic Alien, this incredibly detailed replica of the Fossilized Space Jockey can be either a great display piece all on its own or as a great diorama piece for NECA’s 7 inch Alien figures.

Details on the NECA Full-Sized Alien Facehugger Figure

How Big is the Facehugger Figure?

The first of these amazing Alien movie collectibles measures nearly 42 inches (106.6 cm) long, about 18.8 inches (47.7 cm) wide, and 5.5 inches (14 cm) tall.

How Much Does the Facehugger Figure Weigh?

The facehugger weighs about 2 pounds (.9 kg).

What is the Facehugger Figure Made From?

The facehugger is made from detailed, hand painted foam.

Will the Facehugger Figure Feature Any Articulation?

The figure features a bendable tail, so it can be set up in multiple poses.

How Much is the Facehugger Figure, and Where Can I Order One?

The facehugger figure is being offered for $57.99, and can be picked up now through NECA’s Amazon store, or if you prefer, through NECA’s eBay store. They’re also being carried by Entertainment Earth, though they won’t be getting them for a few more weeks.

Are Full Sets of the Egg and Facehugger Still Available?

Yes, if you’re interested, you can still order a full set of the egg and facehugger for $499.99 through Amazon, or if you’re looking for a deal, Entertainment Earth has them for $428.99.

Details on the NECA Fossilized Space Jockey Statue

How Big is the Space Jockey Figure?

The first of these amazing Alien movie collectibles is 24 inches (61 cm) long, over 18 inches (45.7 cm) tall, and with a circular base that’s 18 inches (45.7 cm) in diameter.

The Fossilized Space Jockey is made of hand-painted foam rubber and latex with all the details you see in the movie.

What is the Space Jockey Figure Made From?

The Space Jockey is made from hand-painted foam rubber and latex.

How Much is the Space Jockey, and Where Can I Order One?

The figure is being priced at $269.99, and can currently be pre-ordered over at Entertainment Earth.

When Will the Space Jockey Be Shipping?

NECA expects the Space Jockey will be available in December 2016.

Photos of the NECA Full-Sized Alien Facehugger Figure

Photos of the NECA Fossilized Space Jockey Statue

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