NECA 1:4 Scale Captain America Figure Update

One of the greatest movies of the year (in my opinion) is getting some of the best action figures. We have some news of the NECA 1:4 Scale Captain America Figure as it is in the production process. We have some picutres that were released by NECA and it should be just enough to get you excited enough to not be able to wait until January when he is released.

NECA 1:4 Scale Captain America Figure Prototype

NECA 1:4 Scale Captain America Figure Behind the Scenes

You also can get a Behind-The-Scenes shot of Iron Man in 1:4 scale that is going to be released in April of 2013. Not a very good picture, but a picture preview none the less.

NECA 1:4 Scale Iron Man Figure Behind the Scenes

Some things to know about the 1:4 scale figures:

  • 1:4 Scale= 18″ = 46 CM
  • NECA is planning to have Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, AND Hulk all done in 1:4 Scale!
  • Bad news is they are each going to be setting you back about $80-90.

If you havn’t picked up any of NECA’s 1:4 scale figures then you should give them a try. Just check out some of the detail that was on the Gollum and Smeagol 1/4 scale finished product.

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