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NECA 1/4 Scale Iron Man Midas Figure Coming In Early 2014

If you missed your chance to get the ultra premium Hot Toys sixth scale Iron Man Midas figure earlier this month, you just might have another chance to get your hands on that coveted golden armor. NECA is going to be producing a 1/4 Scale Iron Man Midas figure, which should be available in March of 2014.

The Midas armor is based on the Mark 21 (or Mark XXI) and features all new deco and sports different shades of metallic and gold paint, with additional darker washes to bring out the fine details on the armor.

NECA’s quarter scale Iron Man Midas stands over 18 inches tall and features over 25 points of articulation, incredible movie accurate detail, and LEDs on the eyes, chest, and palms. He also comes with 2 pairs of interchangeable hands and some brand new golden packaging.

If you are any sort of an Iron Man fan your probably know that the Midas armor is coming from Iron Man 3, but NECA is for some reason branding this figure after The Avengers. A licensing issue by chance?

NECA 1/4 Scale Iron Man Midas Figure