4 Comments on My Top 5 Wonder Woman Action Figures

  1. Strongest Mustache

    i have a wonderwoman still packaged in storage that i think is my only wonderwoman! i cant remember the set, but it was a very standard costume.
    great list. i love seeing red son figures. that mini series was awesome and my favorite superman toy is probably that one. or wait wasnt there 2? i have the one from the red son series i believe… also in storage. DAMN YOU STORAGE!

    • y.f.n.jman

      Red Son is a great story. And I didn’t read it until years later. I curse myself for not reading it sooner!

      I’ve been tracking down the figures over the last few years, too. Cause, you know, if you like a story, you’ve got to have the figures!

      • Strongest Mustache

        tell me about it! i have been trying to get my shit under control. then i saw pacific rim and was like “ok, i need the toys for this. now.”

  2. Dale Bagwell

    Love this one. I have the NU52 WW myself and while she looks great, I still can’t get over how tiny the arms are! It’s horrible. Especially since the DC Direct one looks much better even w/o the extra articulation.

    Nice list though, and I’d have to go with the Terry Dodson WW as number one with he Red Son WW close behind.

    And speaking of, hell yeah Red Son was an awesome story! One of Millar’s better ones to be exact.

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