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Mattel’s NYCC 2013 Preview Night Reveals

The New York Comic-Con hasn’t even truly started yet and there is just so many great things to drool over. Mattel’s NYCC 2013 Preview Night Reveals actually look pretty good this year. Below you will find the figures that you can look forward to in 2014… but remember this is just the preview!

Masters of the Universe® Classics Extendar™
This Eternian athlete turned super strong cyborg warrior is scheduled to join the Club Eternia® lineup in June 2014.
Masters of the Universe Classics Extendar
Masters of the Universe Classics Extendar

Masters of the Universe® Classics Minis
Each 2-pack includes one hero mini and one villain mini plus a piece of a mini Castle Grayskull®. Collect all six 2-packs and build the front facade of the castle with an opening Jaw Bridge! Here’s a look at the first two releases.

Pack 1: Battle Armor He-Man® vs. Mer-Man®. This 2-pack includes He-Man® sword and shield and Mer-Man® trident and sword.
motuc mini battle armor he manmotuc mini mer-man
Pack 2: Battle Armor Skeletor® vs. Moss Man®. This 2-pack includes a flocked mini Moss Man®, Skeletor® staff and sword and Moss Man® mace and shield.
motuc mini battle armor skeleton
motuc mini mossman[/one_half]
Mini Castle Grayskull®: Purchase both packs and you’ll have the pieces you’ll need to build this mighty mini!

motuc mini castle gray skull

DC Universe Batzarro™ Batman
This evil twisted twin to Batman™ joins the DC Universe lineup in 2014.

dc universe batzarro batman

dc universe batzarro batman


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