5 Comments on Marvel Select Iron Man 3 War Machine and Mark 42 Figures Are Almost Here

  1. i remember the days when collectors passed up marvel select figures because of their lack of articulation and overscale- and snatched up marvel legends. having the IM3 legends in hand and seeing the marvel select figures, im justing to get these. the IM3 figures blow chunks.

    • I'm assuming that when you said "the IM3 figures blow chunks." you were talking about the Marvel Legends?

      I have been tempted to buy the IM3 legends multiple times in the stores but something keeps holding me back. They just look like they suck in the package. I haven't seen wave 2 yet, so maybe they will change my mind. The images of them look way better than wave 1 does.

      These Marvel Select figures just look awesome though.

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