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Marvel Legends Riders Squirrel Girl & Cosmic Ghost Rider Promo Images.

Squirrel Girl & Cosmic Ghost Rider Coming Soon!

This past weekend Hasbro dropped promo images of the two next figures in their Marvel Legends Riders series. The next two being Squirrel Girl and Cosmic Ghost Rider. They first revealed these two figures at SDCC earlier this year and I have to say they look absolutely fantastic.

I know that fans have been waiting for a Squirrel Girl Marvel Legends figure for a number of years. If you’ve seen Marvel Legends Request Polls you’ll know what I mean. As you can see Squirrel Girls comes with her moped and a number of Squirrels as well. The figure itself looks fantastic and very unique. The only accessories that I think are missing interchangeable hands for the handles of the moped.

The Cosmic Ghost Rider is a newer character in the Marvel Comics and casting the iron while it’s hot Hasbro has created a Cosmic Ghost Rider Marvel Legends figure and bike which looks awesome! Like Squirrel Girl, Cosmic Ghost Rider is all a brand new sculpt. The bike is completely new too and looks fantastic I love the thruster effects and the front wheel ball. I really like the guns he comes with too! He also comes with a flaming chain which the original Ghost Rider & Bike set.

Both of these Riders set will be released early next year.

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