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Marvel Legends Reveal Blowout!

Hasbro bought their A-Game to their Marvel Legends Reveals!

I was really excited for Hasbro’s Marvel Legends showing and they didn’t disappoint. As you know I’ve already written an article about the MCU Wave figures. Now it’s for the comic book ones!

It’s great to see Hasbro revisit characters they did in the early days or hadn’t released at all. There are a few fan-requested figures such as Squirrel Girl with Moped. I know fans have been requesting her for years. There’s also Vulture which fans have been pining for years and my personal favorite Doctor Doom which looks awesome!

The only new MCU reveal is the Giant Man complete BAF from Captain America Civil War which is great re-release so fans that missed out on this release can get their hands on it. I wonder if they’ll release complete BAF’s in the future long after the wave it appeared in came out.

Hasbro have been doing a phenomenal job with their X-Men themed figures lately and it’s great to see that trend continue with the Wolverine, Jean Grey and Cyclops three pack! We haven’t had a 90’s Jean Grey for years and I know fans (including myself) have been waiting for a few years. I’ve already seen this on UK sites for pre-order so I’ll definitely be getting my hands on this. The Wolverine is a shrunk down version of the 12″ version which is an excellent figure. The Jean Grey looks great and I love the interchangeable heads and it’s great to see a jacketed Cyclops with three interchangeable heads.

The Age of Apocalypse Wolverine looks absolutely wild! I love that hair sculpt it’s incredible! I wonder what other Age of Apocalypse X-Men figures we’ll get down the line. Speaking of X-Men they revealed that Dani Moonstar who comes with interchangeable heads to create two other characters and she’ll be a Walgreens exclusive. I really like the designs of X-Man and Strong Man even though I’m not all that familiar with them.

I really love the look of the Shang Chi even though I’m not too familiar with the character. The new Spider-Man figures based on costumes from the PS4 game look fantastic! I really love She Hulk as well as that looks to be a brand new sculpt!

They revealed the Suited Deadpool and Hit Monkey two-pack just the other day and it looks pretty darn good and you can’t have enough Deadpool figures. Speaking of Deadpool we’re getting a Morph figure so we can finally use that Morph head that came in the Sauron BAF Wave!

The X-Force team is slowly building with a Deathlok figure in his X-Force uniform. It was rumored that we’ll be getting a new Punisher and I have to say I’m really really impressed. I love the camo fatigues look to him and that jacket is sweet and that camo painted face is awesome!

Finally the icing on the cake is the bad ass looking Cosmic Ghost Rider and Bike it looks amazing! I have the Ghost Ride and Bike set and this will make a sweet accompanying piece!

Most of these figures will be coming out later this year and with the others coming out early 2020.

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