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Marvel Legends Black Widow Comic Figures Exclusives revealed!

Now, this is a surprise!

Earlier today Hasbro has revealed two brand new comic book Black Widow Marvel Legends figures which will be available in Target and Walmart tomorrow!

The first is a white suit, comic head figure titled Deadly Origins and will be available to pr-order at Target starting tomorrow.  She comes packed with 3 guns, effect blasts and “smoking gun” effect pieces which is a first for the Marvel Legends line and I hope we see more like them soon!.  The other is a gray suit version with short hair, arm blasters, backpack and extra hands.  She also has blast effect pieces, blast and smoking gun variants for the arm guns.  This version will be available to pre-order Walmart tomorrow as well.  Both are slotted for $19.99.

Both of these figures will be hitting stores sometime in March and if you live outside of the US you’ll be able to purchase these figures from all good e-retailers!

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