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Marvel Legends Agent Anti-Venom

The Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Announcements Keep Coming!

Late last night Hasbro revealed that they’ll be releasing an Agent Anti-Venom Marvel Legends figure. No details have been revealed if this figure will be a store exclusive or a mass retail release. Though I do know that you can pre-order it from Hasbro Pulse and other e-retailers.

This is a re-release and a re-paint of the Walgreens Exclusive Agent Venom which now goes for crazy prices on the secondary market. I have to say I love the inverted look to Agent Anti-Venom. As this is an older Marvel Legend figure it has the old ball jointed hips which isn’t a problem for me as the figure is still fully articulated.

The sculpt is absolutely fantastic and I do love the design of Agent Venom/Agent Anit-Venom. There’s no doubt this figure will stand out on your display shelf.

No accessories have been revealed yet but I’m sure it’ll come with some of the accessories that the Agent Venom came with which were an array of guns and tendrils that can be plugged into his back.

I should add that this figure will be released in November of this year. As I missed out on the Agent Venom figure I’ll definitely be picking up this one.

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