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Marvel Legends 6″ Venom

Monster Venom gets a great re-release!

It had been rumored for a while but now Hasbro has officially revealed that the Monster Venom BAF from a Spider-Man wave will see a single carded release at a slightly higher price point and will be released in a few weeks time.

I have to say I personally had a hard time finding the figures from the wave he was part of at retail and I really wanted to complete this build a figure and as you can imagine the secondary market prices on some of the figures from the wave are pretty high!

So I have to say, personally I am very happy that they are releasing this figure single carded with a different paint job which makes him look like the classic Venom. I hope that this is the start of a trend of releasing highly sought after BAF’s single carded. I would certainly love to see characters such as Apocalypse and Juggernaught released in a similar fashion.

In the UK this figure costs around £24.95 which is a very reasonable price. You can be sure I’ll definitely be getting it!

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