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5 Comments on Hot Toys The Wolverine 1/6 Scale Figure – Pre-Order NOW

  1. Steven Saldutti

    Interestingly enough, BBTS is already sold out on preorder. I had to order from sideshow. Now I can’t get the plastic wrap on it!

    • Nick Lenihan

      Now you must open him! I’m going to find you and make you open him. Did you ever open Tony Stark?

      BBTS must get their quantities limited really hardcore by Sideshow because they almost always sell out of the popular figures in around 1 hour.

      • Steven Saldutti

        I clicked your link indeed! And that must be the case. Well, it’s easier to open them when they’re not plastic wrapped, I’ll tell you that!
        As far as tony stark, I came the closest I ever have to opening something. I took the lid off the box, and admired it. But I didn’t go so far as to take him out of the box. Hey, baby steps man! I was stoked, and used the possibility of doing the review as motivation! But when the rubber met the road, I chickened out. So, I need your help. If you delegate a review to me, one you’re not going to get, I may be more successful! You’ll be like my sponsor!!!!

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