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Hot Toys Power Pose Series Announced


It seems like most of the news the last few weeks has been Hot Toys here and Hot Toys there with some big Star Wars news yesterday. Hot Toys is really on a roll lately, especially with the Iron Man 3 movie coming out in just a mere 3 months. So far they have just released a teaser image for the series but the image is very, very confusing to what the series is going to be. Take a look at the Hot Toys Power Pose Series Teaser below:

Hot Toys Power Pose Series
Click on the image for a full size view.

If you take a good look at the image it looks like the series is going to be in 1:6th scale, but then if you look even closer at the image (bottom right) it also says “Scale: 1:24″. So what’s it going to be Hot Toys?

Debuting this line is going to be Iron Man in his Mark XLII armor. If you remember the Hot Toys 2013 preview image, I think this figure might actually be pictured (in the back by the Bat Suit Armory). You can also see a better picture HERE.(Last picture) Don’t quote me on this, but that is my guess.

Hot Toys Power Pose Series – What’s that supposed to mean? If I had to guess I would say a statue line or something very similar.

What do you think that the Power Pose Series is going to be?

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