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Hot Toys Power Pose “42 Different Designs”

There has been some new information released about the Hot Toys Power Pose Series. Check out the information along with a new image.

Are you expecting a multitude of BRAND NEW armor designs in the upcoming Iron Man 3 movie? Possibly “42” different designs? All these will be unveiled in end April during movie launch!

Hot Toys Power Pose Series (PPS) will bring you with a collection of all the BRAND NEW designs appeared in the Iron Man 3 movie soon. Start with Mark XLII and collect them all to complete your PPS Iron Man 3 Series!

The Power Pose Series (PPS) collectibles share some common features with that of the Movie Masterpiece Series and Diorama Series. Display them together to create your own movie scene in 1/6th scale!

Hot Toys Power Pose

What do you think that Hot Toys means by “42 Different Designs”? Do you think there is really going to be 42 different statues? That would be very, very expensive for all you completists out there…

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