10 Comments on Hot Toys Hawkeye Avengers Sixth Scale Action Figure Review

  1. Steven

    Another great overview. Unfortunately, this overview is going to cost me a lot of money…..I now HAVE to complete my collection!

      • Steven

        Well, got him off eBay from a seller in Canada for $407.00, which was actually the cheapest I’ve found off eBay for hawkeye. Great advice action figure guy! Indeed, no avengers collection is complete without it. Thanks again!

  2. fadderly

    Let me tell you. I totally regret not ordering this figure. There are no “deals” with Hawkeye. Even on eBay. Looking at a minimum 3 bills. And that’s if you’re lucky.

  3. Andy Maturana

    jajjajajaj I bought it here in Bogotá (Colombia) for about 200 bucks more!!! I feel so lucky!!! Avengers assemble!!! Though I misses HT Mark VII, which is sold out everywhere, I preordered Mark XLII!!!! Do u thing Mark VII would be included in the DIECAST series???!!!! They announced The Avengers would be included in DIECAST.

    • ActionFigFury

      I must have missed the announcement about the Avengers being included in the Diecast series. The only figure that would fit would be the Mark VII. I don’t really see Hot Toys doing a Diecast Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Loki, Nick Fury, etc.

      • Andy Maturana

        That’s what I’m saying! take a look at this The Avengers logo is included in the announcement of Diecast Series, I think the same, the only figure that would fit would be the Mark VII. So if Mark VII of the ordinary serie is already sold out, this would be a chance to get it!!! What do you think? Do you see Mark VII coming to Diecast Series anytime soon??!!!

        • ActionFigFury

          I see. IF they are going to do the Mark VII I don’t think that you are going to see it this year. Hot Toys is more focused on Iron Man 3 suits for the time being. They are what is the most popular for the Marvel/Iron Man license at the moment since the movie just came out. Though, that is just my personal opinion. You never know.

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