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Hot Toys GI Joe Retaliation Storm Shadow Figure

It has been over a month since we have heard anything about G.I. Retaliation from Hot Toys and now they are finally revealing their second figure – the Hot Toys GI Joe Retaliation Storm Shadow Figure. Straight from the Cobra organization – it’s the white NINJA! Ninjas are cool right? Right?

Hot Toys GI Joe Retaliation Storm Shadow Figure accessories

This movie accurate figure is based off of the image of Lee Byung Hun as Storm Shadow in his white ninja suit in G.I. Joe Retaliation. If you are going to be getting this figure you are going to need to get yourself Snake Eyes too if your going to want to stage that epic battle.

Features of the Hot Toys GI Joe Retaliation Storm Shadow Figure:

30 cm tall
1 Head sculpt with authentic likness of Lee Byung Hun
1 alternate masked head
TrueType body with over 30 points of articulation
9 Gloved palms

1 Ninja body suit
1 White belt with pocket and holster
1 pair of white sport shoes

2 Japanese styled metal swords and sheaths
2 daggers
1 pistol
3 darts

Hot Toys Figure Stand with Movie logo and figure’s name

Release Date: June 2013
Price: $204.99

Pre-Order this now from Sideshow Collectibles HERE.

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