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Hot Toys 1966 Batmobile, Prometheus and Smooth Criminal are Still Coming Soon

If you follow the many Hot Toys releases/teasers, it’s likely that you have noticed how confusing Hot Toys can actually be. One year they will release a teaser for an upcoming collectible, and then we will set here 4 years later waiting for the official announcement. I’ve done some research on the┬áHot Toys 1966 Batmobile, Prometheus and Smooth Criminal teasers that were released a long time ago and concluded that they are still coming.

Hot Toys 1966 TV Series Batmobile Preview

First up we have the Hot Toys 1966 TV Series Batmobile. This vehicle was previewed long before the actual 1966 Batman and Robin sixth scale figures were officially announced, but yet we still haven’t seen it released. Why not?

The Batmobile teaser above was taken directly from the Sideshow Collectibles website and looks to have a different copyright year than the original teaser. That leads us to believe that the Batmobile is still eventually going to be coming from Hot Toys.

Hot Toys Prometheus Preview

Then there is the Hot Toys Promethues teaser. This teaser was originally posted by Hot Toys in 2012, and now what looks like was recently edited and put up again by Sideshow Collectibles. The edits include zooming in on the original teaser image, moving the Prometheus title, adding the Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles logos and even changing/adding the copyright date of 2014.

Apart from that very first teaser that Hot Toys posted in 2012, we have also seen a few images of the prototype in the Hot Toys 2013 preview. Though, the strongest piece of evidence that Hot Toys will release Prometheus collectibles is the updated 2014 copyright date.

Hot Toys Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal Preview

Possibly previewed for the longest time out of any Hot Toys collectible figure, the Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal preview was also changed. It wasn’t just changed a little bit like the above previews. This preview is actually new AND features the Sideshow Collectible 20th anniversary logo. That means that we may eventually see a new Michael Jackson figure released by Hot Toys.

The copyright dates are some pretty good evidence that the figures are still coming, but there is still one thing that is slightly confusing. Sideshow has hidden these teasers from showing up in any of their RSS feeds. You can still access all of the Sideshow teasers here. I’ve reached out to Sideshow about this and they will not confirm on deny any of Hot Toys’ plans.

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