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Hasbro Star Wars Black Series, Hyper Real & Galaxy of Adventures Reveals

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At this years SDCC Hasbro didn’t have much to show for The Black Series or The Vintage Collection due to the release of Rise of Skywalker later this year. So they couldn’t reveal anything though I’m sure we’ll see a lot of reveals at D23 next month.

Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures 5-inch Figures

What they did show though was the new 5″ line which will be replacing the 3.75 POA line. The first series of figures consists of Han Solo, Chewbacca, C3PO and Darth Vader. These figures are stylized in the style of the Galaxy of Adventures line. I would be excited to see the regular figures in this scale as these do look well articulated and the sculpts are great. These will be released in the fall of this year.

Star Wars Black Series Sith Trooper

The only Black Series figure that was revealed the Sith Trooper from the upcoming Star Wars Episode 9: Rise of Skywalker. As you can see this is the SDCC exclusive as he comes with an array of weapons.

Star Wars: The Black Series Boba Fett Premium Electronic Helmet

Star Wars: The Black Series Premium Electronic Helmet! This role-play item with highly-detailed deco, movie-inspired design, interior padding, adjustable fit, and electronic lights is a great addition to any STAR WARS fan’s collection. Featuring a flip-down viewfinder with flashing LED lights and an illuminated rangefinder HUD, fans can imagine yourself as the most infamous bounty hunter in the Galaxy!

I have say Hasbro has been knocking it out of the park lately with their prop replicas and the Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett helmet is no exception. This piece is expected to be released this winter.

Star Wars Black Series Hyper Real Bespin Fatigues Luke Skywalker

I know that Hasbro revealed the 8′ Hyper Real Darth Vader which I guessed was based on his appearance in the Empire Strikes Back due to the base looked familiar to that of the carbon freezing chamber in Empire Strikes Back. Now they have announced Bespin Fatigues Luke Skywalker and he looks superb. The Hype Real figures feature an interior skeleton which is fully articulated with soft goods tailored clothing and includes multiple accessories.

I really liked the look of Darth Vader and the Luke Skywalker looks most impressive.

I feel more tempted to get the Darth Vader now as we’ll have another figure to accompany him on display. Hyper Real Bespin Fatigues Luke Skywalker is expected to be released in the fall of next year.

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