Hasbro Power Rangers Lightning Collection Series 2, Gamestop Exclusive Goldar & Two-Pack

Go Go Power Rangers!

As you know I’m a fan of Hasbro’s Power Rangers Lightning Collection line as I’ve picked up the Mighty Morphin White Ranger and it really impressed me. I’m definitely looking to get the others from the wave.

Now Hasbro has shown off Series 2, Gamestop Exclusive Goldar and a two-pack. In series 2 we’ll be getting BM Red Ranger, BM Gold Ranger, Magna Defender and Pink Ranger. As I’m a Mighty Morphin I’m really interested in the Pink Ranger which looks absolutely fantastic. They should be released sometime in the fall of this year

I really like the unmasked head sculpts and I know that they don’t look all that great here but they do look much better in hand as they use the face printing tech on those and not these preview images.

Recently Hasbro also so revealed a Gamestop exclusive Goldar figure which looks fantastic, I haven’t got Lord Zedd yet but I’ll definitely putting him on the shelves with Goldar if I can get my hands on him. This figure of Goldar is absolutely fantastic, the sculpt and paint is tremendous! I really do like the accessories as well.

Finally, they’ve recently revealed a Mighty Morphin Green Ranger & Putty Monster two-pack which looks fantastic. This is an awesome looking two-pack and a must-have! I know you can’t see all the accessories here but you can expect interchangeable parts for the Putty Monster and interchangeable head and hands for the Green Ranger.

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