Funko Pocket Gods Vinyl Figures

Funko has been releasing lots over the summer and here is the next one:

Funko Pocket Gods!

Pocket God has been the 4th highest selling iTunes App on the app store of all time. It has been in the top 50 for 3 years! Pocket God is also the best selling digital comic.

Soooo… Funko Pocket Gods is going to be released August 31, 2012. It is going to be the first ‘Blind Box’ project by Funko.

Check out the pictures below.

Each figure is going to have its own rarity scale. Some are going to be way more rare than others.

Funko pocket gods 16

These are blind box vinyl figures, meaning that you wont know what figure you have until you have bought it and opened it. Im sure people will be opening the figures and selling specific ones on eBay if you want to collect them all.

There is also going to be a few vinyl pygmies too. They will be 5 inches tall and also available August 30th.

Are you Funko collectors going to be buying the Funko Pocket Gods?

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