Posted May 30, 2014 by Nick Lenihan in News

Funko Introduces DC Comics Vinyl Cubed Magnetic Figures

So normal vinyl figures aren’t good enough for you to collect? Maybe Funko‘s new line of DC Comics Vinyl Cubed magnetic figures will sway you into the vinyl figure collecting scene.

Vinyl Cubed (Vinyl³) is Funko’s newest creation of 2.5″ vinyl figures. Each figure features removable parts that have the capability of attaching magnetically or by peg to other figures in the Vinyl³ line.

Do you know what that means? That means that you will be able to make a SuperBat (Batman meets Superman), JokeStroke (Joker meets Deathstroke), or anything else that your creative mind can come up with. The possibilities are nearly endless!

Vinyl cubed figures of Batman, Deathstroke, Superman, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Black Manta, Aquaman, and 1966 versions of Batman and Robin are all going to be available starting in July. Pre-orders aren’t currently available, but the SRP should be less than $10 each.

Batman DC Comics Vinyl Cubed Magnetic Figures Funko

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